02.11.2015 - Mauritius



Nice day in Manawa

Surfer: Frank

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02.11.2015 - Mauritius

4 Kommentare

Gast  |  03.11.2015 07:59:08
kiters everywhere…
on a twin-tip, come on...

Gast  |  03.11.2015 08:13:23
Could be very nice shots...without the kiters!

Gast  |  04.11.2015 07:55:43
Kiters everywhere...

Why not? Do you think windsurfers (I'm a windsurfer myself) deserve more to be on the water?

Also, it's a strapless stubby wave board, not a twin-tip (probably this one: https://www.northkiteboarding.com/products/boards/surf/pro_csc/).

Please respect each other. They have the same right to have fun on the water as we do. If you're pissed they get more waves than you... get better and stop whining! Can't stand it anymore...

Gast  |  05.11.2015 18:47:13
Agree - always this bashing of kiters - and even if he would have been on a twintip - it is all about having fun, isn't it? If I would like to become religious I would go to church ;-)

And I actually liked the pics as it showd wind and kitesurfers having jointly fun!

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